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Rekeying a Lock: How Much does it Cost

The prices for rekeying a lock can vary greatly, because it can cost you anywhere from five dollars to as high as two hundred and fifty dollars for each lock cylinder.

There are a lot of aspects that goes into the price of rekeying a lock, because you will have to think about the location of the lock, the time you need the services and a wide array of other kinds of facts as well. Usually, you should expect to pay around eighty dollars or so under normal circumstances when you want to rekey a lock.

So before you hire yourself a professional locksmith, you will want to make sure you have a good idea of how much you are going to pay and what you need to do first. So here are some factors to think about when you are planning on rekeying a lock.

Rekeying your House: The Cost

If you need to have your house rekeyed, then you should expect a minimum fee of anywhere from forty dollars up to one hundred and fifty dollars depending on the location of your house, as the locksmith needs to travel to you.

The reason why there is a minimum fee is because the locksmith does not want to waste their time traveling to your house only for you to change your mind. If you call on a locksmith during the weekends, holidays, or even in the evenings you should expect that fee to go up quite a bit. So unless you are locked of your home or your car and it is emergency you should be strategic on the time of day you call up a professional locksmith.

The distance will have a big role on the amount of money you will spend, so finding a locksmith closer to you may be something to consider if you are on a tight budget. Or if you are having an emergency and you locked yourself out of your vehicle out in the middle of nowhere, it probably would be better to call up your roadside assistance company first rather than a locksmith. These people can help tow your car or even help you get in, because tow truck drivers are pretty good in getting into cars, as this is their job and if they cannot, they can probably take you to a good locksmith to help you out.

Besides the mobile fee you will have to pay, you will need to pay an addition five dollars to thirty dollars for each lock that is being rekeyed as well.

If the locksmith says your locks are too worn out or it is not possible or is even a waste of time to rekey them, then you should expect around a thirty dollar fee to have a new lock installed for you.

If your locks are damaged, then it is better off to replace them with brand new and more secure locks anyways, so trust the judgment of the locksmith you are hiring.

Always shop around for some different locksmiths before hiring someone.

If getting your locks rekeyed is not an emergency, then you will want to think about calling up a number of different locksmiths and ask them some questions and get their rates as well.

Besides the rates, before you hire a locksmith it is vital to ensure they are reputable and professional.

A legitimate locksmith will have a license to work, so before you hire someone you will want to double check if they are licensed or not.

Another thing you may want to check out is whether or not the locksmith is part of the associated locksmiths of America as well. So always ask if the locksmith is insured, if they have certification, and if they have a license to be a locksmith before you spend any money hiring somebody.

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to check if they have the proper paperwork before you hire them. One of these reasons is if they break something or get injured and they do not have insurance, then it will fall upon your shoulders and that will be an expensive mistake you do not want to pay for.

What Do I Do If I Am Locked Out Of My House?

locked out of houseWhen heading out of the door to school or work, it always seems like there are more and more things we need to remember including keys, lunch, cell phones, backpacks/briefcases, etc. Losing the keys to your home or locking them inside can induce quite a bit of panic. However, you need not panic.

If you ever encounter such a situation, all you have to do is simply follow the steps outlined in this article, and you will gain entry into your house. The key thing is to ensure that you are always safe when attempting to access your locked home and avoid breaking any windows or doors.

  1. Check The Entry Doors – The first thing that you should do if you find yourself unable to gain entry into your house through the regular entrance is to check any other door on your property in the hope that it might be unlocked.
  2. Check For Open Windows – If your home has any ground-level windows that you can reach easily, you can try giving them a shove and see if they will pop open. Should the window be equipped with a window screen, you will need to remove it first.
  3. Contact Somebody Else That Lives In  The Home – In case you live with a loved one, spouse, or roommate, you can try to call them to find out whether they are around to help you gain access. This will only work if you did not lock in your phone in the house too. You might also need to wait for a few hours for the person to arrive.
  4. Call In A Locksmith – Considering that you probably don’t leave any doors or windows unlocked, the first two options are unlikely to help you gain entry into your locked house. Contacting someone else that lives with you in your house might seem like an excellent idea but has its shortcomings. The person might be far from home and waiting for them could take up too much time, your phone might also be locked in the house.

A better alternative is to call a locksmith to help you access your locked home. The locksmith will come equipped with all necessary tools and will have you back in your house within a very short time.

In conclusion, if you are ever locked out of your house, you should try the four ideas discussed in this article. However, of the four, calling in a locksmith is the most effective option that will definitely help you gain access to your locked home.

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