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Dark Secrets Of Cheap Bathroom Renovations

If you are one of the people who thinks that cheap bathroom renovations do not exist in America, then you need to sit back, relax and think again. Most of us have become numb of high-end bathroom remodels that consume all the money in our pockets, but begin to reap of even before we can take pride in them.

Many Americans have been blinded by costs, believing in the cliché that “cheap is expensive.” It is time you wake up and realize that the difference between cheap and expensive is the spelling and meaning, but none of them can be a determinant of quality.

Do you want to do cheap bathroom renovations in your premises and increase its value by over 75%? Here are a few secrets.

Install cheap, but good-looking flooring materials

At times, you ask yourself, what can I install instead of the cutting-edge porcelain floor? Can I really get an alternative to the radiant-heat granite floor I saw in my neighbor’s bathroom? When you go to the market, you will be surprised to be blown off your mind by the price of these materials.

In the modern American market, the old-school Vinyl you hated with a passion is long gone. The new Vinyl looks better than most high-end materials. With alternatives such as plank vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring, you can realize a fantastic bathroom remodel at an astonishing cheap price.

Resurface and cover instead of replacing

This is a rule of the thumb when it comes to bathroom renovations; always cover and replace whatever you can instead of replacing. Most people believe that covering up a damaged surface is not cool, because they fear the unknown. However, it is the wisest decision you can make. Replacing will consume all your money, while you could have used a small fraction of it resurfacing. Be wise, save your hard-earned bucks.

Install your fixtures

Some bathroom renovations such as installing new fixture are DIYs projects that require no expertise at all. Instead of calling a plumber to do a simple toilet installation and charge you some money, it is much easier for you to do it yourself. The only hard part could be physically moving the fixture to its rightful place, something that you can request your family members to help.

Paint it yourself

Can you imagine calling a bathroom renovator to do some painting in your bathroom for a huge sum of money, while you can do it as a fun event with your family and friends? Painting your bathroom is not a large-scale project such as painting your entire premises, hence you can do it in less than 48 hours without having to pay anyone a dime.

Do not move major plumbing

Leave the piping where it is. If you do not resist the urge to move it, you might end up spending a lot, cost that you could have avoided by letting the plumbing stay at its present place. If you really have to move it, why not consider it a DIY project? This will make your bathroom renovations cheaper than you could ever imagine.

The above tips are top-guarded secrets that will help you have a more functional, brighter, and cleaner bathroom than your neighbors who went the expensive bathroom renovations route.

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