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Following a storm, contact us. We’ll send an experienced inspector to your home where they will closely inspect your roof, siding and windows. Should the inspector find any damage it will be carefully marked. When your insurance adjuster comes by to review the damage, BI Home Improvement can have a representative on hand to show, explain and review the damage. BI Home Improvement also has the on-staff experienced experts who can negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.

Most BI Home Improvement customers get approved for a new roof, siding or windows for little or no money out of their own pockets. BI Home Improvement has thousands of satisfied customers who can attest to this fact.

The BI Home Improvement Pride Program can also help with your deductible. We pay up to $500 for the right to post a small sign in your yard while we install your new roof, windows or siding.

Also, at BI Home Improvement, a FREE inspection is completely free. There are never any hidden fees, charges or expenses associated with a FREE BI Home Improvement inspection.