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Pruning Trees in The Fall

Is it Bad to Prune Trees in the Fall?

Experts Advice

Pruning trees is one of the most essential tree services. The right way, at the right time is very important. You need to know exactly how to prune and when to prune. According to popular beliefs pruning at the wrong time will kill your plants. Tree Services experts say differently. Though pruning should be done with proper intervals and in the right season, if done continuously without any time frame can result in damages or weakened plants. So, we need to learn the best time to prune a tree so that we give it more strength and better chances to grow.


The question most people ask is “Is it bad to prune trees in fall?” Let me tell you, the trees in fall are at their prime. It is advisable to wait till the trees shed leaves and get ready for the new season. The healing process is slowed down in the cold weather which is why pruning wounds close slowly making them more susceptible to diseases. Also the cold can harm their growth pattern dividing the strength left after the healing process. Usually October and November is better when the trees have shed their leaves. This way the arborist can look easily at the tree’s structure and current state.

The Right And Wrong Time

According to specialists and arborists, pruning is best during late winter or early spring before growth begins. Exceptions are always there, for different plants these pruning techniques differ and so does the time. The damage however is minimized if the rule is followed. You might want to get an expert’s advice for your tree type anyway.

The most wrong time is right after new growth in spring, it is because a lot of food stored in the roots of the trees is lost this way and the tree’s health deteriorates. This food is supposed to be replaced with new foliage before removal. Dwarfing of the plant is bound to happen if not done right. Which is the process in which plants get significantly smaller because of certain conditions, one being pruning at the wrong time.

Myth Or Real

The myth however you might have come across is that pruning causes the trees to die eventually, this is not the case. It might cause damage to the tree’s health slowly if done wrongly or at the wrong time. So, don’t get confused that you pruning your tree is causing any harm. Do take a look at the guidelines to pruning and be very careful. Consulting an arborist is the best way to take care of your plants.